TXARNG Motorcycle Safety Program

``Soldier Readiness Through Safety``
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    Find a MSF Course near you.

    - Rider training is a requirement by Texas Law, DODI 6055.04 and AR 385-10.
    - ALL TXARNG Personnel: M-Day, AGR, and Technicians must attend.
    Three Levels of training
    - Initial: before riding
    - Intermediate: within 12 months of initial course
    - Sustainment: retake initial or intermediate course at least once every 5 years

    Find a Course Provider
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    Sign up for a Course

    When personnel sign up for the rider course, they will tell the vendor they need a receipt and will ask if they give military discounts.
    Personnel will ensure that the receipt has the vendor’s
    - Name
    - Address
    - Phone number
    - Attendee’s name
    - Class date
    - Total amount paid.

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    Complete/Submit required documents

    To be reimbursed, TXARNG personnel will provide the SOH Office
    - A copy of their filled out and signed SF 1164
    - A copy of their receipt
    - A typed and signed SF 1199a
    - A copy of their numbered MSB-8 course completion card.
    The blank SF 1164 and SF 1199a are located below.
    TXARNG personnel will fill in all the highlighted areas on the SF 1164, sign and date. Personnel will ensure their social security number is in the ‘CLAIM OR PAYROLL ID’ box on the direct deposit form.

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    Get reimbursed

    Once all documents have been received, payments typically process in 4-6 weeks. TXARNG personnel will contact the SOH Office upon receiving their payment.

Free Motorcycle Riding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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    Prepare your request

    To receive free riding gloves or a riding jacket, TXARNG personnel should provide
    the following to the TXARNG SOH Office:
    a. Copy of their numbered BRC, BRC2, ERC, or MSB-8 course completion card.
    b. Size: (small – triple extra-large) for gloves requested
    (small – double extralarge) for jacket
    c. Address where the PPE should be shipped or if the PPE can be picked up from
    the TXARNG SOH Office. Someone must be able to sign for the PPE, if shipped.

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    Submit for your PPE

    TXARNG personnel will submit glove or jacket requests to the TXARNG SOH Office
    a. In-person at Camp Mabry, Bldg 8, Room C151
    b. By fax at 512-782-6763
    c. By email ng.tx.txarng.list.safety-office@army.mil.

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    TXARNG personnel may receive free PPE upon new completion of each level of
    approved rider course(s).
    TXARNG personnel may choose a riding jacket only once.
    Riding gloves will be issued for all other completed riding courses.

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    TXARNG personnel are encouraged to share this program information with other
    TXARNG members.

TXARNG Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Office