Vital Information

Prior to


Tech Inspection

Tech inspection is something all riders must take their motorcycles through on the morning of the event to ensure they are mechanically sound and ready for use on the track. This is a simple but necessary step to ensure the saftey of all participants. With just a little bit of preparation ahead of time you can make your day run much smoother.
We will have personel on site to review your bike and they will be checking things like chain tension, the function of the brakes, throttle, kill switch, looking for loose parts, making sure your lights are disabled and covered with tape as well as examining your helmet to confirm its damage free and safe to use on the track.

Must be current active military


Must have all necessary gear


Must provide own motorcycle


Must be comfortable at highway speed limits

Rider Gear Requirements

  • Full Face Motorcycle Helmet  – In good condition with no visible damage that can compromise it’s integrity.  This must be DOT/SNELL/ECE Certified.
  • Full Body Motorcycle Suit –  two-piece zip together suits are OK for this event as well.  CE Armor must be inside the suit.
  • No Suit?  You can still register,  we are working to have loaner suits available,  please answer Sex, Age, Weight when registering.  We will notify participants as we get closer to the event if we are able to accommodate suits.
  • Zip Together Textile Suites, Mesh, or Leather Zip together are OK for “Intro” days.
  • Motorcycle Gauntlet Race Gloves
  • Motorcycle Boots  – Over the ankle,  no cowboy boots, no work boots
  • No Quick Release Chin Straps allowed on Helmets
  • No GoPro’s mounted to helmet via adhesive, systems which C-Clamp onto helmets are OK.

Motorcycle Equipment Requirements

  • Motorcycle must be in good working condition with no visible or obvious loose parts.
  • Throttle must snap back to position by itself
  • Lights, reflectors, mirrors must be taped off
  • Tire tread must not be past wear markers and is subject to approval by 3:16 Trackdays
  • All fairings must be secure and nothing is loose
  • “Anti-Freeze” is not recommended due to glycol (very slippery) We suggest you change it to Water Wetter or Engine Ice for everyones safety. However we can’t enforce it.
  • Chain tension with some slack but not enough that it can come off the sprockets.  The chain should not be too tight either.
  • GoPro’s and Action Cameras must be tethered.
  • Oil filter, drain bolt and cap tight, safety wired is preferred but not mandatory
  • This program is not ideal for large touring or cruiser machines we will review applications on a case by case applicant basis,  if we can take non sport bikes we will notify applications.

Please watch this basic tech video.

Rider Eligibility Requirements

Must be Active Military Armed Forces and possess an active Armed Forces of the United States
Geneva Conventions Common Access Card (CAC)

The term “Active Military” means—

  • Full-time duty in the Armed Forces
  • Drilling members of the Reserve Component

The term “Armed Forces” means—

  • the United States Army,
  • Navy, Marine Corps,
  • Air Force, and
  • Coast Guard,
  • including the reserve components thereof.

The term “Reserve Component” means, with respect to the Armed Forces—

  • the Army Reserve
  • the Navy Reserve
  • the Marine Corps Reserve
  • the Air Force Reserve
  • the Coast Guard Reserve
  • the Army National Guard of the United States
  • the Air National Guard of the United States

Who is not eligible:

– Retired
– Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR)
– Inactive National Guard (ING)


All participants must digitally sign release waivers after registration to participate in the event.

Are you ready to ride?