About Motorsports Bootcamp

Motorsports Bootcamp is a team of riders, current and former military and action sports enthusiasts.

We support the military through motorsports training.

Motorsports Boot Camp is a Non Profit created to help battle active military deaths caused by motorsports vehicles. Ask any active military soldier and they can tell you how often this happens.

Motorsports Boot Camp is supported by Circuit of The Americas and is committed to providing Soldiers with training in an environment they will never forget! Help us make a difference and serve our military with joyful giving hearts!



Art Fonseca

Motorsports Boot Camp Founder

Founder of Motorsports Boot Camp , Art has been involved with community events related to motorcycle training and is retired Airborne 82nd division.

Candace Hogan

Candace MBC Bio Picture

Motorsports Boot Camp Project Lead

Candace began riding sportbikes in 2008, and quickly became addicted. She has over 100k miles of Texas Hill Country street experience, as well as more than 100 track days, and is responsible for getting many others in the moto community into the exciting world of the track riding!

Cliff Partee

Cliff 1SG Photo

Motorsports Boot Camp Military Liaison

Cliff Partee currently serves in the Texas Army National Guard as a Brigade Operations Sergeant Major . He is also a Mentor with 3:16 Trackdays America Superbike Camp.

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Motorsports Bootcamp needs volunteers to help make this event possible!
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